TypeScript Tutorial for Beginners

TypeScript enables developers to use the latest features of JavaScript by transpiling .ts files into older .js versions that browsers or Node.js can understand.

Selenium 2 Using Node.JS

Selenium 2 is used primarily for testing web applications by automating the web browser’s actions.

Hugo Static Site Generator Tutorial

Hugo is a static site generator written in Go. It takes pride in being fast given that it’s written in a language as close to C that you’ll get.

Beginner Friendly Webpack Tutorial

Webpack defines itself as a “module bundler.”

Electron Framework Tutorial

Electron is a framework for building cross platform desktop applications using Node.js + Chromium.

Three.js Tutorial for Beginners

Three.js gives you the ability to create 3D animations in the browser while doing all the heavy lifting of WebGL for you.

Git Tutorial for Beginners

Git is a distributed version control system that allows users to collaborate on a project without relying on a central server.

CSS3 Media Queries

Currently the best method for designing responsive websites are with media queries. They allow the css of a website to change depending on the screen size.

HTML5 Canvas Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate the basics of the HTML5 canvas element.

CSS3 Grid Layout Tutorial

The CSS3 Grid Layout allows a more flexible positioning of DOM elements. No more floats, yay!

CSS3 Simple Animation Tutorial

CSS3 animations allow elements to change their CSS properties within a set time period.

Web Storage API Tutorial

The Web Storage API allows client side data storage. Just like cookies only they don’t have to be passed with every request.

Flex Box Layout Tutorial

The CSS3 Flex Box layout is used on pages that can be resized smoothly.

jQuery Basics for Beginners

jQuery prides itself on “write less, do more.”

HTML5 Basics for Beginners

HTML5 brings with it new elements, attributes, and APIs.

Docker Tutorial for Beginners

Docker’s core concepts are containers and images.

React.js Tutorial for Beginners

Learn the basics of React.js with code examples. Aimed at beginners or anyone that’s interested in learning about React.

Tips and Tricks

How to Make Money Online - Tech Savvy

There are lots of creative ways that the tech savvy are earning their money online and in this article you’ll learn some of them. The only requirements are a computer, internet connection, and willingness to try new things.

Wordpress vs Jekyll vs Hugo - Which is Best?

When in comes to blogging Wordpress is now competing with the popular static site generators Jekyll and Hugo. But which is best?

The Future of Programming

A must watch for every programmer is this video “The Future of Programming” by Bob Martin.

Bitcoin for Beginners

Bitcoin enables online transactions without requiring a third party, such as a bank.

5 Great Blogs for Web Developers

There are tons of great blogs related to web development out there, but this article will list 5 great ones worth checking out.

5 Excellent Blogging Tips

Blogging should be fun for both the reader and writer.

5 Brilliant Web Tips for All Internet Users

The following tips are designed to help all Internet users.

How to Build a Web Server

WHY? Using a VPS provides full control of your web server. Shared hosting is no longer needed.

How to Build a Web Server Part 3

In this part we’ll cover how to install Nginx and how to proxy pass HTTP requests to Nodejs.

How to Build a Web Server Part 2

In this tutorial we’ll be creating SSH keys to login to the VPS.

How to Build a Website from Scratch

Websites are incredibly easy to set up and manage. During this tutorial I’ll show you how to set up your own server with WordPress. With two months free hosting

How Does The Web Work

You open up your browser and type in the URI (URL but the correct way is URI) youtube.com and bam you’re watching cat videos. But how does this work exactly?

Learn To Download Youtube Videos/Audio Easily

Using youtube-dl we can easily download Youtube videos or just the audio.

Use KeePass to Manage Your Passwords

Stop creating your own passwords! Using a password manager can help you create strong encrypted passwords.

Use PGP For Safe and Encrypted Email

Encryption is the only way to safely exchange information without worrying about it being tampered with or spied on.

Why Everyone Should Use a VPN

ISP’s log every request you make and websites log your IP every time you connect to them. Turn on your VPN and suddenly you’re invisible to the world. So now you’re probably asking “how do I get a VPN?” Ok here’s how.

Big Websites Fail Google's PageSpeed Test!

I decided to put a couple of websites under Google’s PageSpeed Test and was astonished at the results I found!

5 Websites Everyone Should Bookmark

Here are a few websites I find can be very useful in the right hands.

Why programmers should use Reddit

Reddit defines itself as “the front page of the internet.” And it’s exactly that.

Here's how to back up your data

One word Google Drive. Oops that’s two. Chances are you have precious and valuable images/videos on your device. Yes? Ok then here’s how to keep that safe.

What's the best text editor?

So you want to know what text editor is the best?

Search Engine Optimization

Let’s learn how to get your website to the top spot on Google. Using SEO


Node.js Koa 2 Framework Tutorial

The main difference between koa and koa 2 is that koa 2 supports async/await.

Node.js and Express Framework Guide

Node.js provides a low level HTTP API that enables programmers to build HTTP applications.

Deploy Node App to the Web

Today we’ll be learning how to deploy a node js app to the web using Github and c9.io

How To Upload Images to MongoDB using Express/Imgur clone

This is an example of how to upload images to MongoDB using Express.

MongoDB and NodeJS Tutorial

Today I’ll be demonstrating how to use MongoDB and NodeJS together.

How To Build a Jekyll Website

Static site generators are in. They provide security from hackers because there’s no database involved! Let’s learn how to set up Jekyll and Github together.

How to make a twitch bot using NodeJS

Here’s how to create a simple Twitch bot using NodeJS.

How to

Using Jekyll and GitHub Pages

Jekyll is a static site generator, meaning there’s no database on the backend.

Encrypt Files Using GPG - How To

Keeping your data secure is very important! Using GPG you can encrypt files easily and store them on a USB or on the cloud without worrying about prying eyes.

How To Become A Web Developer

So you want to be a Web Developer?

How To Reach the Front Page of Google 2016

So you want to reach the front page of Google?


Dual Boot Linux/Windows

There are many benefits of using Linux over Windows. For one speed and security. No more worrying about viruses.

How To Perform A Man In The Middle Using Kali 2

A man in the middle attack is simply someone sitting in between your browser and a legitimate website. Data can be altered or snooped on during this. Arp spoofing is the process of making machines on your network believe you are the gateway. Thus all data flows through you and vice versa.


Send Email Using Python 3.4

Today I’ll be demonstrating how to send email using python.


Using Go with Redis

In this demonstration you’ll learn how to use Go with Redis. First and foremost go get garyburd/redigo for connecting with the Redis-server.

Building a Twitch/IRC Bot in Go

Golang makes it easy to connect to servers running IRC using the net package. Thus we’ll be building a Twitch Bot that echoes a user’s chat input.

Go WebSockets Tutorial

We’ll be building a basic chat box using Go and gorilla/websocket.

Golang and Reddit API Tutorial

In the following tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to sumbit content to a subreddit using Golang and Reddit’s API.

Instagram API for Golang

The following is a basic example on how to use Instagram’s API in Golang.

Sending Email With Golang and Gmail's API

In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to send email using Oauth2 and Gmail’s API.

Sending HTML Emails Using Golang

In this tutorial we’ll use Gmail’s SMTP server to send HTML emails.

Golang and MySQL Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to use Golang and MySQL together to build a login/signup system.

Golang Authentication Using JSON Web Tokens

A simple example on how to authenticate users using JSON Web Tokens. Full source code on Github.

Golang Web App to Production

In this tutorial I’ll show how to deploy your go web app to production. I’m running on a Ubuntu 14.04 machine.

Golang Templates Made Easy

Go provides helpful packages for web development. Templates come with the language and a powerful asset.


Fedora 23 Use Google DNS and Turn Off IPv6

In this tutorial I’ll be demonstrating how to change Fedora 23’s DNS to Google DNS. And also how to turn off ipv6.