5 Brilliant Web Tips for All Internet Users

The following tips are designed to help all Internet users.

Most things you search for are outdated.

Clicking “Search tools” gives options to search by time.


Tip 2: More Youtube Content

If you find yourself craving new content simply search what’s trending in other countries.

Scroll to the very bottom and click “Country” after which you’ll have a brand new Popular Right Now list.


Tip 3: Build Your Own Website

Your opinion matters and others deserve to hear it.

The simplest and free method I would recommend is building a blog on wordpress.com

Or you could give a shot at setting WordPress up on your own server in this article

Tip 4: Use API’s

API is a fancy word for saying “Here’s our data take it and do what you want with it.”

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and many more big websites allow you to manage your data programatically.

If you want to write a program to send email for you, follow this tutorial, but make sure to install the Go programming language first.

Tip 5: Use Password Managers

Memorizing passwords for each website you sign up for is a big no no.

Password managers store your passwords encrypted and also handle creating super hard to guess/brute force passwords.

I’d recommend Keepass and for help getting set up use this article