Deploy Node App to the Web

Today we’ll be learning how to deploy a node js app to the web using Github and

1. Place app on Github

Make sure your app is on github.


2. Login/Sign up to and connect it to Github

Head to the page(logged in) and click on Connected Services. Lastly click the green button “connect” next to Github.


3. Authorize application

Click the green button “Authorize application”


4. Go to and click Repositories

Find your Github repo from the list and click “Clone to edit”


5. Enter a Workspace name/ Description and click on Node.js

Then click Create Workspace


6. You’ll be redirected to a c9 IDE in which you can run terminal commands.

Install your app’s dependencies first

$ npm install --save

Start your app

$ node index.js


7. Done

Your app is live simply click the preview button next to run to view it.


Note Make sure your app is listening on the correct port:

// index.js
app.listen(process.env.PORT, process.env.IP);