Dual Boot Linux/Windows

There are many benefits of using Linux over Windows. For one speed and security. No more worrying about viruses.

Plus Windows sucks right?

Using YUMI you can boot from various different OS’s. Including Linux and other helpful tools to troubleshoot a PC.

To Install

Simply go to the YUMI Download Page and scroll down to the downloader

To Use

Insert a USB into your computer and open YUMI


  • Step 1. Select your USB
  • Step 2. Select the Distro you want
  • Step 3. Tell YUMI where the .iso file is located (Download it from the distro’s website)
  • Step 4. Create

To Boot

Power off the computer and enter your bios for me it’s f12.


Scroll up and down with the arrow keys to select the .iso you want to load. Linux Distro’s are in “Linux Distributions ->”