How To Become A Web Developer

So you want to be a Web Developer?

I’m going to start off by saying that you don’t have to become a web developer to build websites. In fact it would be easiest to simply use a CMS such as Wordpress or Drupal.

But if you want to build it all from scratch here’s how.

Find hosting

Your website is going to need to be up 24/7 so I recommend renting a VPS. Either through Digital Ocean or Amazon Ec2

Learning how to set up your own web server on Linux will be groundbreaking for you as web developer.

Pick a backend language

It really doesn’t matter which one. The goal is to just start learning.

  • For PHP I’d learn a web framework such as Laravel
  • For Python I’d go with Flask
  • My personal favorite is NodeJS, highly recommended

Learn how the Internet works

Knowing how your web browser communicates with computers across the world is a must.

How does the Internet work

And finally but most importantly

Don’t give up.

The web is evolving and new innovations pop up daily. It can seem likes there’s too much to learn but that’s the fun in web development.

Be curious.

Ever wanted to know how that website uploads your image? Google it and then try to reproduce it. Learning comes naturally from curiosity.