How to Build a Web Server


Using a VPS provides full control of your web server. Shared hosting is no longer needed.

The pricing is very cheap. In fact, you only pay $0.007/hour, which amounts to $5/mo

By the way, this means if you create a VPS to play around with for only two hours and then destroy it you’ll only be charged $0.01


Well step one will be signing up to a website that provides a cheap and reliable VPS.

Sign-up to DigitalOcean. Btw that is a promotional link that will give you $10 credit after unlocking your account with a valid payment method and helps me maintain this site for others to use.


First step is creating a droplet (VPS). While logged into DigitalOcean, click Droplets > Create Droplet

You’ll be brought to this page:


Scroll down and make sure Ubuntu 14.04 and $5/mo are selected:


Scroll down again and choose a datacenter region. I’ll use London, but any are ok to use:

Also make sure none of the checkboxes are checked under “Select additional options”


The following will ask for your SSH keys, but leave it unchecked because I’ll be showing you how to create them in the next tutorial.

Hostname can be anything but we’ll use mydroplet:

Click Create


In the next tutorial I’ll be showing how to SSH into your newly created VPS.