How to Make Money Online – Tech Savvy

There are lots of creative ways that the tech savvy are earning their money online and in this article you’ll learn some of them.

The only requirements are a computer, internet connection, and willingness to try new things.


So this one’s really fun since you get to play games and make a living.

The popular website lets you stream gameplay and make money through ads and subscriptions.

Simply download OBS Studio (for streaming), install League of Legends (free game), and build a following.

Excessive Profanity Twitch


Probably the simplest way to earn big bucks is through Youtube adsense.

Simply create great content that receives lots of views.

Some excellent software to create videos are After Effects, Sony Vegas, Photoshop, Audacity, and Adobe Flash.

Adsense Check


Got interesting things to talk about? Then create a blog and share your thoughts with the world.

Eventually, when you get enough viewers, you can add ads through Google Adsense.

Blog Adsense


Probably the least fun, but you’ll definitely make a few extra dollars doing is taking surveys.

They pay cheap and take a bit of time to complete but eventually they add up to a nice paycheck.

Most will pay you through Paypal or gift cards.

Opinonoutpost is one I’ve personally tried and got paid through Paypal. But I’m sure there are many more.

Survey Emails

Craigslist and Ebay

Selling your things should be the last resort, but if you need quick money then Ebay and Craiglist are great sites to sell your items.

Ebay will take a cut from your sell so it’s probably best to try Craigslist first.

Kijiji for Canadians of course.


Knowing HTML and CSS could get you a gig building websites for people.


Lastly there’s software. If you can code then build something that others would pay for.

I hear that Minecraft guy is a billionaire now.