How To Reach the Front Page of Google 2016

So you want to reach the front page of Google?


Step one: Catchy title

Let’s examine the related to feature of Google. In this example I searched “how to”


So our title could be somthing like: ideas how to master topics while loosing weight and making money kissing a boiled egg.

Step two: Spam images. In fact your website should look like google images


Step three: Make sure to spam your readers with “Give me your email plz”

In fact not only should you put it at the top of navigation BUT you should also make it a pop up.


Step four: Install WordPress and go for the huge image homepage theme.

Yes mobile users’ data caps will go over by downloading your huge image but damn does it look nice.


Step five: Strategic marketing.

Get your website out there with social marketing.


Step six: Profit