Search Engine Optimization

Let’s learn how to get your website to the top spot on Google. Using SEO

1. Title Tag

This is the first thing a user will see when searching Google. Make it short but descriptive.

2. Meta Tag

Use this tag to describe the content inside your page. One sentence is fine.

3. Neat URL

Avoid general names such as: page1.html page2.html and deeply nested urls: /page1/page2/page3

4. 404 Page

Be sure to have a 404 page that is consistent with the rest of your website. It should link back to your homepage and the server should be configured to throw a 404 status code.

5. Page Content

Make your content interesting to your users. Write short and easy to read sentences. Content should be for the users not search engines!

Extra tips:

  • Produce new content on a regular basis
  • Add alt tags to your images with descriptive text
  • Use descriptive links