Use KeePass to Manage Your Passwords

Stop creating your own passwords! Using a password manager can help you create strong encrypted passwords.

1. Download KeePass Professional Edition


2. Create a Database

Click File > New

Then enter a Master password. VERY important to remember this password as if you forget it your encrypted passwords are lost


3. Create your first password

Right click > Add Entry

keepass entry

Enter your username!

Then click on the key and select 256-Bit Hex Key (built in)

or build a custom password using Open Password Generator


4. Use your password

Simply right click on the new entry and select Copy Username or Copy Password and paste it into any website you want to sign up on.


5. Backup and mobile

Store this encrypted database .kdbx file on Dropbox

To use your passwords on mobile simply install one of the ports for your device (scroll down) and import your key from dropbox into one.