Use PGP For Safe and Encrypted Email

Encryption is the only way to safely exchange information without worrying about it being tampered with or spied on.

1. Install GPG4Win


Make sure to check GPA in the installation


2. Start up GPA


Create your public/private key pair keys > New key…


Enter a name


Enter an email


Create a backup


Set a password for your key


3. Share your public key to the world and NEVER share your private key!

Your public key is used to encrypt messages that only your private key can decrypt.

So export the key to share it.



4. Test it out

Hit clipboard in the menu

Type anything in and then hit encrypt


Your message is now encrypted and can only be decrypted by your private key!


Hit Decrypt

In a real world scenario you’d exchange public keys with someone else and import their key into GPA. Then you’d use their key to encrypt a message to them.

After which you’d send them the message starting from —-BEGIN PGP MESSAGE—- to —-END PGP MESSAGE—-. Doesn’t matter if anyone can read this because it’s encrypted and only the receiver can decrypt it.