WordPress vs Jekyll vs Hugo – Which is Best?

When in comes to blogging WordPress is now competing with the popular static site generators Jekyll and Hugo. But which is best?

Wordpress Logo

Let’s start with the behemoth that is WordPress.

Things to hate about it

  • You’ll be paying monthly for a web server.
  • Maintaining the database is a hassle (backing up).
  • Server can be hacked.
  • PHP

Things to love about it

  • Most vendors have a one click install button.
  • Plugins make hard stuff easy (SEO, HTTPS, etc..).
  • Switching between themes is a breeze.
  • Very powerful in the right hands.

Jekyll Logo

Things to hate about it

  • Steep learning curve. Although the docs have everything you’ll need for help.
  • Ruby must be installed (a pain) on your local computer. Personally I use rvm.
  • Very slow at reloading new content.
  • No database means no comment section. Unless you use a third party such as Disqus.

Things to love about it

  • Easy to manage once you get the basics down (theming, config files, deployment).
  • Free hosting on Github Pages.
  • This very website is built on Jekyll!

Hugo Logo

Things to hate about it

  • Not many prebuilt (or good) themes so expect to be in the docs.
  • You’ll have to install and learn some Go.
  • Learning curve is pretty steep, but luckily I’ve made a beginner friendly tutorial.

Things to love about it

  • Extremely fast at building your project.
  • Switching themes is pretty easy.
  • Free hosting on Github Pages.
  • Simpler than Jekyll but harder than WordPress.


All three options are great but if you’re on a budget then Jekyll or Hugo will be the best option.

Stick with WordPress if you don’t want to learn Github, programming, or need something done quickly and easily.